Fondazione Pianspessa
The Pianspessa Landscape Project

The Pianspessa Landscape Project

Lying along a ridge close to the municipalities of Breggia and Castel San Pietro, the Pianspessa domain, with its 15 hectares, represents one of the largest and most remarkable parts of the Muggio Valley and the entire region.

In fact, the presence of innumerable natural, architectural, and ethnographic objects such as the dry meadows of national importance, the nevèra (icehouse), the roccolo (bird snare), the masseria (manor farm), the vegetable gardens, the fountain, etc., make it a unique landscape in terms of quality and quantity of elements.

After the recent acquisition of the estate, the Cereghetti family considered it imperative to proceed with the development of a project that would preserve the agricultural vocation of the area while enhancing the valuable architectural, natural and landscape components for the benefit of the community.

In this specific case, natural items will be restored by ensuring their prolonged protection. The buildings, once restored, will house a new cheese dairy, a workshop for the preparation of deli meats, wine cellars, a reception and tasting area, educational spaces, accommodations, and a vegetable garden. Located at the heart of the Pianspessa domain, the manor farm will serve as a theater of local culture and taste, accompanying the patron from green pastures to the table – through the dairy and cellars – to discover local excellence.

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